Back from PortugalMay 15

Since my web server (hosted by was upgraded last week, here follows my delayed report on my last trip to Portugal. Before attending the OFFF festival in Oeiras, I had the chance to meet the people from ALTlab, an emerging hacklab community in Lisbon, dedicated to open hardware projects. Currently they are working on the PAPERduino and they are also planning to build there own 3D printer, based on the open Reprap design. Unfortunately I was only able to attend half of the OFFF presentations, but I particularly was impressed by the talks of Karsten Schmidt and Aaron Koblin, two of the most creative innovators in the visualisation scene. Karsten aka toxi is also the author of a nice fiducial generator application that can be used with reacTIVision. The really remarkable music program at OFFF was mostly covered by the guys from the raster noton label.