ICMI Workshop BerlinSeptember 8

After an intense weekend at the Ars Electronica festival I traveled to Berlin to attend the ICMI Workshop, where I was invited to hold the keynote speech on Tangible Musical Interfaces this year. There were quite a lot of interesting student presentations about innovative musical interfaces, and at the end of the workshop we had the difficult task to select one of the projects for a prize, which we sponsored on behalf of Reactable Systems. In the end we decided to split the prize in order to award the two most outstanding creations. The Attract-O-Tron by Frederik Kalisch and Steffen Müller are two exceptionally well designed hand-held musical artifacts, which generate sound using electric motors. The GRID table by Tobias Hornberger convinced through its thorough synthesizer and composition concept, which was realized using colored building blocks. Apart from these two awarded projects I’d like to mention some further brilliant projects, such as the the Air Piano by Omer Yosha, the Squawk controller by Dennis Helfrich as well as the Looplex table interface by Marcus Holzmayr.