Novel TUIO/FLC client for Flash/AS3October 19

Immanuel Bauer and Georg Kaindl implemented the LocalConnection approach, which allows to transmit OSC messages to Flash more efficiently using a shared memory method. In collaboration with Dean North and Johannes Luderschmidt they developed a Flash/AS3 library, which adopts the common TUIO client API, but also supports legacy applications based on the older TouchEvent class, as well as an alternative TUIO/TCP method as previously provided by touchgateweay. The current C++ implementation in CVS, already provides the two alternative TUIO/FLC and TUIO/TCP methods within an updated TUIO server API used by the SimpleSimulator example. There is also a TUIO/UDP to TUIO/FLC gateway available for TUIO trackers that only support the standard TUIO/UDP transport method. It is great that we finally can abandon the obsolete Flash/XML encapsulation, which has been used so far to communicate with Flash.