playing with google insightsNovember 9

Since I have been observing an increased public interest in the topic of augmented reality, which has been most certainly caused by the various mobile AR apps that have been appearing lately, I was using the google insights feature to verify the actual trend. Interesting enough playing with the results also showed the overall decline of the interest in virtual reality for example. Adding a few other HCI trends and hypes, it seems that around 2007 there has been a shift towards some alternative HCI topics. This turnaround seems to be also supported by this selection of input devices (excluding the mouse). Finally we can also observe a similar trend comparing the various user interface paradigms. So the traditional GUI and VR are apparently out, while touch interfaces and AR show increased popularity, although both topics have already been around well before that. Apparently the limited size and increased computing power of mobile devices supported most of these alternative interfaces, taking advantage of features such as multitouch, shaking gestures, camera tracking and the location services.