dead pixel artJune 25

Urban Screensaver Example To be honest I have been an initial admirer of interactive media facades ever since I got aware of Blinkenlights and the Clickscape projects. During the last decade the topic has become mainstream though, leading to the construction of media facades in many “second cities” around the world aiming to catch up with the information age. There now even exists an European Media Facade Festival, dedicated to the production of actual artistic content for the usually commercially used large scale displays, but most of the proposals hardly exceed the aesthetics of screen savers and iTunes sound visualizations. Although the topic still seems to be extremely attractive amongst young media artists, it has become time to take action against the inflationary installation of urban screen savers!

Electromagnetic Pulse Gun Dead pixel art is a new form of digital reverse graffiti, which allows the appropriation of urban displays through the active disabling of selected pixels. For this purpose I am planning to employ a directed high-energy EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) gun, which temporarily or permanently disrupts the electronic circuitry of an individual pixel element when pointing at it. This will allow the drawing of permanently visible black voids within any displayed animation, leading eventually to the complete destruction of the whole display.

A similar approach using different techniques can also be applied to CRT or LCD screens through the destruction of selected pixels, resulting in the permanent display of the applied dead pixel art. While this may be mostly interesting for information guerilla in a public screen context, such as ATM machines or info terminals, it can also be used for the personalization of individual devices.