Hardware for Camera-Projector SystemsMarch 20

Since I receive frequent requests for recommending suitable hardware for camera-projection systems, I recently updated the reacTIVision homepage with a list of cameras and projectors with a good price-performance ratio as well as some suitable 850nm IR illuminators and bandpass filters. Nowadays we can get affordable cameras with specifications that are close to industrial computer-vision equipment, that combine high resolution and sensor quality with a quite interactive frame rate ranging from 640×480@120Hz and 1280×720@60Hz up to 1920×1080@30Hz.

TUIO 1.1 – the return of the living dead part #2November 6

In preparation for the upcoming ITS TUIO Hackathon I just released an extensive TUIO code refresh to Github: This includes a brushed up TUIO 1.1 server/client for C++ as well as the TUIO 1.1 client reference implementations for JAVA and .NET. The according Processing, Max/MSP and PureData clients are available as binary releases. These new libraries are now also licensed under the less restrictive LGPL. While the provided source code and binary clients are reasonably stable, you may still find plenty of bugs and some copy/paste oddities in the code. You can now easily contribute to the further development of these TUIO libraries by submitting your fixes on Github!

reacTIVision – the return of the living dead part #1October 22

After an extended time of inactivity there is finally a new reacTIVision 1.5 release available! While I initially only planned some minor updates in order to recompile on more recent systems, this eventually resulted in a major infrastructure update that primarily provides improved camera support and configuration options on all platforms as well as some internal tweaks that improve the overall performance. This includes a multi-threaded thresholder, an accelerated background subtractor as well as a quicker and less tedious calibration procedure. Apart from that this release does not yet include any changes to the core fiducial and finger tracking, which will be part of a future 1.6 release …

The source code and binaries for all supported platforms along with a comprehensive changelog are available on Github