Tangible Music @ TEDxViennaOctober 24

On October 22nd I had the opportunity to talk at the TEDxVienna conference, where I presented the basic concepts of Tangible Musical Interfaces that led us to the development of the Reactable. This included a brief introduction into the design history of acoustic and electronic musical instruments and the problem of controlling complex synthesizers with standard tools. Our solution employs the ideas of tangible interfaces in order to realize an instrument that combines physical interaction with auditory and visual feedback. The talk concludes with a brief description of the Reactable itself and our contribution to the design of tangible interactive surfaces.

During the conference we also had the opportunity to organize a small showcase, where in addition to the Reactable two works from our latest Interface Culture exhibition were presented. The exhibited works were FMR1 by Fabrizio Lamoncha, Ioan Cernei & Maša Jazbec as well as the GearBox by Ulrich Brandstätter & Oliver Buchtala