Open Design SymposiumApril 30

Our Open Design Symposium will take place on Wednesday May 23rd 2012 at the Auditorium of the University of Art and Design in Linz, Austria.

David Cuartielles (ES/SE) – Open Hardware
Cecilia Palmer (SE/DE) – Open Fashion
Ronen Kadushin (IL/DE) – Open Product
Peter Kirn (US/DE) – Open Sound
Julian Oliver (NZ/DE) – Open Art
Greg Saul (NZ/UK) – Open Innovation
Addie Wagenknecht (US/AT) – Open Tools
Gerin Trautenberger (AT) – Open Economy

This symposium intends to discuss the Open Design practice from various perspectives, such as art, design, engineering, education, society and economy. An international selection of expert speakers will provide an insight into the state of the art and future directions of an emerging field, which holds countless opportunities for regional development and worldwide distribution based on the principles of collaboration and shared knowledge.

The event is curated by Univ.Prof Martin Kaltenbrunner and Dr. Georg Russegger and organized by the University of Art and Design Linz in collaboration with the CREATIVE REGION Linz and Upper Austria GmbH.